Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Worldbuilder auctions

Worldbuilders is a charity founded by the amazing Patrick Rothfuss to aid Heifer International. Heifer International doesn’t just hand out one time gifts to people struggling to survive, they give them the means to feed themselves and their children long term. It is a kickass organization.

Patrick founded Worldbuilders so that writers, editors, and artists, all of whom are often cash poor, could use their books and talents to raise money for Heifer International. The generosity of the writing community is astounding. So is the generosity of the readers and fans who bid on auctions, buy tee shirts, or enter the Worldbuilder’s lottery for signed books.

Since I am a real, true, Professional Writer (tm.) now, I’m offering a couple of auctions of my own this year. The first one went up today. It runs until December 9th.

This is the writeup for the first auction, written in third person as all these things must be:
“Jaime Lee Moyer is offering a read and critique of the first 75 pages of your finished novel. While she won’t line edit for grammar, she will comment on plot, pacing, character arc, voice, how well the “hook” or opening works, how well the story sustains her interest, and give overall, general impressions of the story. Critique will be done in MSWord via track changes, but please use a readable font and double-space your work. The critique will be returned to you within three months, edit letters and deadlines allowing.”

My credits and credentials follow that, but I won’t list all that here. Follow the link to the auction and you can see all that, AND the super nifty logo that they made for me. (Note to self: Get author pics after New Years!)

This is my small way of trying to make the world a better place. I’ve always done what I can in private. This year it’s just a little more public.

Spread the word about these auctions. Lots of talented people are offering some cool and amazing stuff.

The idealist in me still believes that we as individuals can save the world, one goat or cow at a time.

Go forth and prove me right.

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