Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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We’ll live happily ever trapped if you just save my life…

I’ve gotten out of the habit of talking about my life. Not the big events, or the major milestones, but the little things–good and bad–that add up to life.

There are reasons for all of that, needing sleep and not being able to stay up to blog being one of them. The Greek chorus in the background expressing horror over what I might say is another. But you know, I like blogging. It’s another form of storytelling. I’m going to do my best to get back into it.

A bits and pieces of me entry…blown hither and yon by the hot Texas wind.

1. Texas is full of bugs, most of them huge. I kid you not when I say most of them look like cast extras from an old black and white monster movie. What people call “palmetto bugs” and are really giant cockroaches, crawl out of drains and under doors. They cover the concrete surrounding the swimming pool after dark.

Most of them are more than three inches long, difficult to kill, and scare the hell out of my cats. You can’t escape them, and catch and release means you find the same bug staring at you from the towel bar. I did discover that bathroom mildew cleaner not only kills them quickly, the bugs…melt. I don’t feel bad about that at all, considering.

The store were I work has been invaded by two inch long black beetles. They drift and pile up along the walls outside the front door at night, dark shifting masses of bugs that huddle under the lights. If they stayed outside the store that would be bad enough.

These things are inside as well. I find black beetles inside drawers, under tables, under displays–everywhere I look there are beetles crawling. The entire staff steps over and around them, doing our best not to step ON any of them. Exterminators have come and gone (twice) but the bugs are stronger. We sweep up the beetles that do die with the dust bunnies.

A little boy somewhere between the age of three and four was at the registers with his mother not long after the invasion started. He was following one of these beetles, trying his best to stomp on it and missing. Finally he managed to step on the bug, and for good measure, stomped it again.

The little boy watched until the bug stopped twitching, leaned over with a scowl and said, “Are you dead yet?”

The bug, of course, didn’t answer, but it’s a question the staff keeps asking. We all wonder if the bugs are dead yet.

2. I’ve lost count of the number of times over the last few weeks that someone, usually an older person, has come up to me and said “Did you know the store is full of nasty/ugly/big bugs?”

Each time I have to stop myself from doing a double take, looking around frantically and saying “Bugs? Where!?!”

Being a nice person at heart, I rein in my smart-ass answers and tell them yes, we know, exterminators are on the case, etc. But oh, the temptation….

3. I had another dream about being lost last night, abandoned by everyone I’d come with after some kind of event or luncheon where I gave a talk. During the talk everyone fell asleep. Afterward I couldn’t find my way back to the hotel, and all the people I asked for directions didn’t know where my hotel was.

This dream was one in a series, a variation on a theme and a metaphor I don’t need interpreted. What all these dreams have in common, aside from me wandering lost in a huge crowd of strangers, is I’m always within sight of the ocean.

I knew I missed being near the water. I didn’t know I missed it that much.

4. The YA book wasn’t as ripe or ready for writing as I thought. It’s been put away for a while to finish cooking and grow a beginning. Middles and endings are awesome, but I still need a good, compelling place to start.

My writer brain helpfully supplied a novel that was ready to be written. More about that book later.

More about many things later. Time for sleep.

Goodnight stars…….

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  1. Posted June 25, 2014 at 2:08 am | Permalink

    Nice seeing you today, Jaime, and I’m so glad I found out that you are a writer! I look forward to reading your novels.

    • stillnotbored
      Posted June 28, 2014 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

      Thank you! Sorry for the delayed reply. I didn’t get a notification of the comment in email.

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