Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Though I may be going down, I’ll take in flames over burning out

In a little over an hour, it will officially be release day for Delia’s Shadow. You know how you can wait for something for so very, very long that when the day finally comes, you have a hard time believing it’s real?

That. Times a thousand.

People at work (and elsewhere) have been asking me for the last month or more if I was excited. And I’d laugh, say something like I was too tired or too busy to be excited, and move on. None of that was a lie. I had too damn much to do and too little time to indulge in endless squeeeing or jumping up and down online.

Honestly, I was a bit numb about the whole thing. People expected endless-bouncy-party-time Jaime, and what they got was the responsible adult alter ego, trying not to screw shit up. It’s really hard to bounce off walls when you dwell in a state of permanent exhaustion.

But tonight the emotion hit hard. Try to imagine exhilaration and terror, tears and a tiny bit of holy-shit-I-did-it. Twelve years of steep learning curves, sacrifice, and damn hard work are all tied up in this day.

Sink or swim, this is it. So much–like almost everything–from this point on is out of my hands.

I’ve had this song on repeat all night. We’ll call it the theme song of the week, the month, maybe the whole freaking year. It’s all uncharted territory from here on out.

New adventures. Hell yes, sign me up!

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