Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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The conversation doesn’t stay on wait for me, I’m almost ready, when he meant let go…

Rarely have I had two novels both so fully present in my head at the same time. It plays hell with my concentration. I am, however, determined to get both of them written. Just maybe not at the same time…

I’m about ninety pages into rewriting Philadelphia. I’ve fallen totally, hopelessly in love with this book again. And Josh…I’d forgotten how much I loved that character, and how completely attached I am to Lori. Emotional attachment to both the story and the characters is important for me.

The pleasant surprise for me at 90/456 pages is how little I’ve had to change. I’ve filled in a few holes, expanded on some information, and done sentence level stuff, but so far–knock on oak–the story works. Color me pleased.

This book is flat out, unapologetically, dark adult fantasy. No falling between genre cracks with this one. And it is positively oozing girl cooties out of every single paragraph.

You know that line in The Princess Bride, where the boy asks his grandfather, “Wait…is this a kissing book?”

This? Is a kissing book. A very dark kissing book, but the romance and the relationships are strong in this one. You’ve been warned.

I want to get that out there early, and will repeat it often. I don’t want any false expectations floating around.

Work grows more insane by the day. Fifteen days before Christmas, in a short shopping season, and it can’t be anything but insane. So much stress, so many frantic people.

But! Only fifteen more days.

Sleep now. I have to face the madness in the morning.

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