Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Tell me that you want to dance….

Long time no post. Life is just packed.

I can’t seem to get the large empty space between the top and the photo to vanish on WordPress, so I’m just going with it. That space doesn’t exist on the edit page…but I’m convinced WordPress hates me. A lot.

The moth in the picture is called a Black Witch Moth. One of these flew into my store a little over a week ago, in broad daylight. Flying straight toward me, I thought it was a bat, and I discovered later many people make that mistake. It was soft, chocolate brown and every bit of seven inches across. Much, much prettier than this picture shows, and with a much richer color.

And I wanted to share it because it is one of the rare glimpses of beauty I get these days. Also, looking this moth up revealed a rich mythology associated with it and legends that just beg to be included in the Dora novel I’m not writing. ™ I love when things like this drop into my lap.

My time is divided between the dayjob, real life, and writing. If I’m not working or writing, I’m sleeping. This will likely continue until around New Year’s.

Retail at the holidays gets rather ugly. Not because people are ugly–except when they are–or my co-workers have grown two heads, but because there are not enough hours in the day to do it all. The number of customers per day skyrockets. The accompanying exhaustion keeps pace.

The writing is making me happy, even if the pace isn’t as fast as I’d like. See above note about exhaustion.

And I’m still at that stage I like to think of as “making shit up” or nailing down concepts. There are things that I need to get right from the start. I don’t want them to come off as lame or something I just tossed out there.

Worldbuidling, which is what this is, is important. I have to make it believable. I have to make it logical and not sound like I sweated bullets over it.

And I do sweat bullets over most of it, looking for new ideas within myself. I don’t want to repeat myself from book to book. I don’t want to be a one trick pony. So lots of bullets get sweated until I get something nailed down tight.

I did that tonight with a couple of different story elements. It was a good night’s work.

I am going to post a November first line contest either tomorrow or Tuesday. I will likely extend the deadline to give folks time to deal with the Thanksgiving holiday. Seems only fair since I’ll be up to my ass in alligators over the whole Black Friday weekend.

Thus ends the brief and scattered update. More later. I need to rush off for that full 6.5 hours sleep.

Miss you all. Really and truly.


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