Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Hold my hand, you know this journey could be long

Another outtakes blog post. I’ve always loved this story, but I could never sell it. It’s all part of my conflicted relationship with short stories. I adore them, I have a million and one ideas for short fiction. Editors of short fiction tell me to go write another book. So I do. I wrote the […]

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And we’ll drink out old memories and we’ll drink in the dawn

Once again, I’m every writer’s bad example. There is an alternate-history-fantasy story I’ve tried to forget, and that I just can’t. I wrote a whole novel with these characters–a novel that needs major work on the pacing in the middle. It’s dark and Gothic, set in a place that never was, and I love the […]

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An end to 2014–I realized that you were an island, and I passed you by

Last year wasn’t easy, not for me, not for a lot of people I know. It was a year of disappointment, dashed hopes, conflict and tension, stress and exhaustion. 2014 was a year full of loss and anger, and so so much grief. It was a year of coming to terms with a hell of […]


Layering: Part two of Building A Better Princess

The beginning of this blog post is partly (or mostly) me talking to myself. Not only is writing this story fun, but it’s making me think about how and why I do certain things when I write. Learning is never a bad thing, and improving is a worthy goal no matter where you are on […]


Missing Sparks of Originality is the name of my next band

I know, I know, bad blogger. The dayjob has me chained to the store and when they let me out, I’m head deep in finishing book 3. Before I start the latest “7 days straight without a day off” stint, a few updates. The Kirkus review of Delia’s Shadow was passed along by my publicist. […]

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By land, by sea, by dirigible, we’ll leave our tracks untraceable now

Oh people, there is too much life in my life. That seriously cuts into my blogging time.(and my sleeping time) We’ll consider this the-catch-people-up-on-all-the-news-before-running-off-to-work-post. 1. Five more days left to enter this month’s ARC contest! The first ARC will be given away on July 10th. Then the contest reboots for an August 10th give away. […]

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A small epiphany, maybe a lame one, but it’s mine

Most of you have probably seen this painting. It’s called The Kiss and it was painted by Gustav Klimt in 1907 or 1908. Again, WordPress won’t stop putting spaces between text and images so the picture will be near the bottom. This painting is world famous. A classic. Klimt’s image is also in the public […]

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The past is a foreign country at the dark end of the hall

Really really busy lately. The dayjob is eating my life and writing eats the rest. I get ideas for blog posts, lots of ideas, but I seldom have time to write them. I also totally fail at prime time blogging. Free time tends to happen in the middle of the night. Like…now. Anyway, finished the […]

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A sorta end of the year post for 2012

New Year’s whizzed past me in a flurry of dayjob and writer work. Probably for the first time since I started blogging, I didn’t keep stats for word count or productivity. Honestly, I was too damn busy. I kept my head down and did what needed to be done. I could likely go back and […]

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I could show you in a word if I wanted to

Bits and pieces of me, blown on the internet winds…. 1. September will be known now and forever as Critical Internet Failure Month. I couldn’t get to email, couldn’t post, couldn’t do most of what I wanted or needed to do a great deal of the time. Ladies and gents, it was officially no fun […]

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