Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Armadillo Con 2016 Schedule!

I have my official Armadillo panel schedule now. Panels! A reading! Meet the pros party! Meet the Pros Party Fri 7:30 PM-9:30 PM Lobby Come meet your favorite authors and artists. You can meet me too. Fairy Tales in Current SFF Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Ballroom ECatmull, Ewing, Leicht*, Lynn, Moyer, White How are fairy […]

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By land, by sea, by dirigible, we’ll leave our tracks untraceable now

Oh people, there is too much life in my life. That seriously cuts into my blogging time.(and my sleeping time) We’ll consider this the-catch-people-up-on-all-the-news-before-running-off-to-work-post. 1. Five more days left to enter this month’s ARC contest! The first ARC will be given away on July 10th. Then the contest reboots for an August 10th give away. […]

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An interview starring me

A short interview, starring me talking about Delia’s Shadow, has been posted by Romanian Book Blogger Simona on the Shattering Words Site. You can find the interview here.

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