Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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So I’m driving home from work tonight….

And I have the music cranked up, and I’m singing along, as you do, and my mind keeps coming back to one word in connection with book 3. One word.

The emotional stakes for the main characters, the theme, upper level subplot, what ever you want to call it, all fell into my head with a resounding thud. I’ve been chasing it for weeks and getting frustrated that I couldn’t figure this one out.

I have to tell you, ladies and gents, that doing 70 on the freeway, in the dark, might not be the best place for major novel revelations to hit a person. But we take our epiphanies where we find them.

And I must say, as epiphanies go this one is pretty damn perfect. It might be a tad evil too, at least in terms of what I’m going to do to these characters. Really really evil. ::cough:: Just ignore the sinister laughter coming from over in the corner. It’s only me.

In other news, the spam comments the WP blog gets are interesting. I have to look at all of them to make sure none of them are real comments caught in the spam trap.

One of them chided me on all my spelling errors,(to which I’m thinking, really? that’s the best you can do?) then assured me that my site was interesting enough they’d come back again.

I am so easily amused.

Bed now. If I hurry I’ll get six whole hours of sleep.

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