Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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She spoke his name outloud again…

Not to bury the lead…

The trade paper of Delia’s Shadow will be out May 20th. Two weeks after that, June 3rd to be exact, A Barricade In Hell will be released.

Two books in two weeks, ladies and gents. I have no words for how crazed that is. I should probably start shamelessly self promoting.

Cats must be fed, after all.

In that spirit, I have two signings scheduled in Houston right after Barricade comes out. Friday, June 13th, I will be signing at Katy Budget Books from 6-8 p.m.

And on Saturday, June 14th, I’ll be back at Murder By The Book from 4:30 to 6-ish. I had a ton of fun there last fall, and I can’t wait to go back.

I will remind the world a few times between now and then. I’d really love to see people turn out for both signings.

Months back my external hard-drive decided to wipe almost all the music off my computer during the weekly backup.

As in ::poof:: gone. Bye-bye.

All the music was still on my old computer, and on the external drive, and it would play if that drive was connected, but the cpu never stopped running and nothing else worked correctly. The extra added bonus was that none of the music would go BACK on to the computer.

I was not a happy woman. I ended up ripping cds to the drive (again) and other fun things to get some of that music back. I write to music, so that was important.

This week the ranch was saved by a 16g thumbdrive. I got all my music–over 3000 mp3s, all of which I paid money for–off the old computer and back on the one I use.

Music makes me happy. Getting it back makes me happy. It’s all about the happy stuff. And if some people in the world think that’s silly, I really don’t care.

Awaken, aka the twisted fairytale, continues to grow. It’s creeping up on 10k, which as you know, Roberta, makes it a real book. My brain is giving me the story in chunks, and jumping around in time, and I can see I need to go back and layer in details. But on the whole, I get words when I sit down to write.

Time to write is the issue. I do need to sleep once in a while.

Changes passed down from the corporate level have made the dayjob a stress fest of epic proportions. Which is all I’m going to say about that.

Insert a primal scream here for the rest of real life. Interesting times, ladies and gents. I’d like a little boredom now.

Time to be productive before I leave for a night shift. Day 1 of 7 in a row.

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