Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Saturday songs build a soundtrack

Writing and music have a strange connection for me. For years I couldn’t write in silence. It was if the music flipped a switch in my brain that started words flowing.

I didn’t fight it. I mean, why fight what works?

Now I can often tell the tone of a book by the music it demands even before I start writing, the emotions that will build as I write. Romantic, sad songs mean that, ultimately, the book involves a lot of loss. A lot of pain.

Kinda like life.

But since I know this is Dora’s book, I know that she will pick herself up and keep going. Because that’s what you do, you keep going.

I have maybe 5-6k left to write of Against A Brightening Sky. Then Dora gets her turn.

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