Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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October contest winners!

Another month of tough choices.  Here are the four winners from the double, October mega contest:

From Musingaloud

They say you can wander Jasper’s Wood a hundred years and never find its heart. Unless you know how to listen. Not with your ears, foolish one. Listen with your soul. Listen! Do you hear the wood, thrumming silent syncopation? When your own heart beats in sympathy, discover where the gnarled oak dwells. There, breathe deep of wood snuff and briar, foxglove and dogwood. Take a pinch of humus on your tongue and taste my age. If your dreams are true, you will enter my heart. What you find there will be up to you. Terror and pain? Peace and surcease? Choose wisely. But choose.

From Arwensouth

They say you can wander Jasper’s Wood a hundred years and never find its heart. The Lady knows plenty of people’ve tried; the legends of the lost city of gold at the Wood’s heart draw them like honey draws flitterbats. Living on the edge of the Wood, as we do, we see ‘m all: gallant warriors, armor all a-gleam; noble wizards, sparks of magic flashing from their fingertips; doughty halflings singing brave songs; and even a plucky orphaned child, now and again. Ever’ so often, one of ‘m straggles back out, drawn and haggard and stark-staring mad. But most all we see are the bones Skitch drags home in his mouth after we let ‘im out for a run in the Wood. Which is why, the day my sister Talina announced her intention to find the heart of the Wood, I knew she’d gone insane.

From Slweippert

They say you can wander Jasper’s Wood a hundred years and never find its heart, but my relatives say a lot of things. Some of them may even be true. All I know is the one time I went in far, I thought I’d never come out again. The trees have a twisty way about them when seen from the corner of your eye, you know? No, you don’t know. I can see from the look on your face I’m gonna have to tell you what happened to me all those summers ago, so you don’t do the same stupid thing I did.

And from Mechaieh

They say you can wander Jasper’s Wood a hundred years
and never find its heart —
so why does its bloodbeat mock you,
a hundred tears within each humming part?

Congrats to all the winners! Each of you should send me a mailing address either in email (email addie is on the contract page of my website) or via LJ private message.

Next month’s contest will be on time. Cross my heart.

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  1. Posted October 27, 2012 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    My shiny arrived in the mail this morning — thank you so much! I’ve posted an initial snapshot at my blog and will post another (of me wearing it) later. (Must go do battle with eyeshadow now. It’s that season…)

    • stillnotbored
      Posted October 31, 2012 at 12:03 pm | Permalink

      I finally figured out how to get this to work. The learning curve with WordPress is steep, but I’ll get to the top. *g*

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