Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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November First Line Contest starts now!

I decided to wait until everyone had (hopefully) recovered from their turkey and pie comas to start this month’s contest. It seemed only fair.

And to make it all clear, if you won three or more months ago, you are eligible to win again. So anyone who won before August 2012 can win again this month. Or not, depending on the entries. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows.

Winners for this month will be announced on Saturday, December 1st. That gives me time to recover from the frenzied holiday shoppers coming into work.

Let me sum up what’s going on for any newcomers who wander past.

Once a month I will post an orphaned first line here on the WordPress blog and on LJ. All my LJ posts are mirrored on Goodreads, so you can find the line in all three places. In comments–either on WordPress, Lj or on Goodreads–write the first paragraph of a story or the first stanza of a poem using that line. Easy peasy.

Anyone can enter. Anyone at all, friend, foe or interested stranger, newbie or professional. Your great aunt, your next door neighbor or Cousin Joe can post an entry. I do draw the line at having your dog enter.

There is more at stake here than covering yourself in glory on my blog. Oh yes, there is an actual prize involved. The winner each month will receive one of the portable fantasy map pendants I make.

Kinda like this one. Not this exact one, but you get the idea. I’ll surprise you.

And the first line for this month is:

Each Friday at 5 p.m. Ambrose Pierce walked through a small blue door and vanished.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to dazzle me with that line. Do something different, unexpected. Competition here is tough. I  know some kickass writers, but more than half the winners have been people I don’t know. I really mean it when I say the contest is open to anyone and everyone has a chance to win.

Detailed rules for those who missed them.

A few rules:
1. A paragraph or first stanza means just that. Not two, not three or a fat epic, one paragraph or stanza of reasonable length.

1a. Only one entry per person, per contest.

1b. The same person can only win once in any three month period.

2. I’m not going to censor what people write. That…annoys me. All I ask is that you keep your entry to no more than an R rating, tops.

3. However, comma, I reserve the right to delete entries containing slurs of any kind. Respect is a good thing. I encourage it.

4. Marshall can enter, but he can’t win. Anyone else, published or otherwise, is welcome to try for the prize.

5. I reserve the right to use any line I post in a story sometime in the future. I probably won’t, but best to cover my bases. Your story or poem would be totally different in any case.

6. All entrants are encouraged to write whole stories or poems using the line and go forth and sell them. Just don’t post more than the first paragraph or stanza here.

Have fun!

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