Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Notes upon a paper sea

I am the queen of tired, but I have news of a sort.

This morning I woke up to email saying that Delia’s Shadow was now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Do you guys have any idea how long I’ve waited for this? Only my whole entire life. A book I wrote is on sale at an internet monopoly near all of us. Ladies and gents, there are no words.

Well, maybe one. That word is overwhelmed.

Still no cover, but you canpre-order Delia’s Shadow here. Should you be so inclined and all that.

I also wanted to remind you about this month’s first line contest! Winner will be announced on Saturday, December 1st. Still lots of time to enter and knock my socks off.

I must flee and get something sorta like sleep. More from me very soon. I have other things to share, but this couldn’t wait.

Well, it could, but you know what I mean.

Goodnight stars…….

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