Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Like questions begging answers, the stars appear at night

In the midst of everything else–life, work, chaos–there is writing. Thank the stars for that. Writing is a way to shut out everything else.

This book and these characters continue to surprise me. You’d think after two full books and deep into the third that wouldn’t be the case, but it is.

You know that saying that you don’t learn to write novels, you learn to write this novel? So damn true.

The first two novels have a sort of pattern to them. This book, bless it’s pointed little head, decided to break that pattern. This story wants to be told differently. Events unfold differently, the characters are forced to change as a result. This is all on top of changes that would naturally occur in the two years that pass between books.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all, but it is a thing. There is a learning curve with writing this book I hadn’t expected. Parts zing along and then it throws me a curve.

I think the biggest surprise so far is the…shift in Gabe and Delia’s characters and their relationship. That shift started in book two and it’s become more apparent–to me at least–in the third book.

Delia has become the utterly practical and pragmatic one, who takes things as they are, accepts the losses, and while those losses hurt, she goes on. And Gabe–Gabe has become the emotional core. Gabe keeps making me teary eyed as I write. He’s had enough of loss, thank you very much, and of dealing gracefully with what life leaves him.

I haven’t broken him yet. Not yet. I’ve thought about it, but I think that is a different book. A book I’m not sure I want to write.

The characters are everything and without them, there would be no story. Not everyone writes that way, but I do.

And because it’s been a while, a rough, raw, utterly out of context darling. Subject to revision as always.

Taylor cleared his throat. “Captain, the car’s waiting at the side of the hotel. Now that Lieutenant Fitzgerald’s seen to, I can drive Mrs. Ryan and the children to the lieutenant’s house if that will help any.”

“Yes, that would help a great deal. Is that all right with you, Dee?” He tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear, fighting back the pang of loss and longing that always surfaced when he saw her holding Connor. She’d made her peace with not having children, but there were times he still struggled. “I’ll feel better knowing you’re all with Annie.”

“That’s more than all right. I think I’ve had enough adventures for one day.” Dee leaned against him for an instant, eyes closed. She took a breath and stepped back. “Annie’s likely worrying herself into a fine state by now. If we leave her to her own devices for too long she’s likely to come down here and take command. I don’t think there’s a man on the squad who wouldn’t obey her orders. We should likely avoid making the men choose between the two of you.”

He smiled. “You’re right. It wouldn’t be a fair contest.”

The alarm goes off at 4:45 am, so I’m off to bed. You all know how much I love getting up at dawn.

Yeah. Just that much.

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