Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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It’s just you and I my friend…

Bits and pieces of me, flung into the dark of night…

1. A week or so ago, I turned in the third Gabe and Delia book, Against A Brightening Sky. This is what they call one of those bittersweet moments. I’ve lived with these characters since 2009. Saying goodbye and getting them to vacate my head is hard. Really hard.

And how do I put this? I know I’m biased, but I felt that each book in this series got better than the one before. They are all good books, but the third book may be the best of them all.

2. I’ve been thinking, a lot, about a line from an article I read that included the line “You can be a feminist and still want to fall in love.”
That struck such a cord for me.

There is a constant undercurrent of criticism that boils down to a strong female character can’t fall in love or engage in anything resembling a healthy romantic relationship, mostly because doing so renders that character “weak”. We all know weak characters are the downfall and ruination of any book, right?

What is truly interesting about this is that the exact polar opposite kind of criticism also exists. Any female character who is able to fully function and get on with her life, with or without a man, is one of those women. Oh, and a woman who doesn’t need a man to make decisions for her or tell her which side to part her hair on is also a tired old trope.

So to sum up, women who fall in love and have relationships are weak, and women who are autonomous, in or outside of a relationship, aren’t strong, they are a tired, over used cliche.

The most interesting part of this dichotomy, for me at least, is that when I see this comment, it is almost always directed at women authors. Like 99 out of a 100 times.

Wow. How did we get to that state of affairs? I really wish I knew.

I’m not the only one to make this observation. I might be the only one silly enough to say so outside of a tweet.

3. Long time readers may remember the novel formerly known as Reasons. Josh and Lori have been patiently waiting their turn, and waiting for me to be skilled enough to do their story justice.

After years of sitting in the back of my head while I wrote Gabe and Delia books, the novel has a real name–A War For Philadelphia (book 1&2). It has a coherent plot, a story arc, and lots of complications.

It is, however, still the Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies novel. That isn’t changing.

When I wrote the original draft of Reasons I did over 103k in five months. That was kind of boggling at the time, and still dazzles me. This book wanted to be written almost faster than I could write. The major problem is that there was two books worth of story crammed into that 103k.

So I’m starting from the top and, with luck, doing this story justice. Expect snippets now and then. I like posting darlings.

Now to bed, perchance not to have stress dreams about work. I’d like that.

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