Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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I whisper all your names, I know not where you are

So, it’s a well established fact that my writer brain hates me.

Either it feeds me bits and pieces of story, doling plot and conflict out like they’re the last few, bruised and shrunken autumn apples, or it feeds me more ideas and concepts than I could write in ten lifetimes. All of this usually occurs at different points in the exact same novel.

My writer brain is a lot like my cats. The more I try to bend it to my will, like trying to get it to spit out 2k a day, the less it wants to do with me. Like a cat, it flounces off with its tail in the air, pretending not to know me at all.

But in the end, my brain always comes through. The key appears to be that I can’t try and force this shit. I have to just let it happen.

Today writer brain fed me two big important chunks of this book. One was an important piece of the plot, which ties to other cryptic things, which will all lead toward where I think the end goes.

There are no words for how much I love that feeling. It’s almost a physical clicking of puzzle pieces into place.

The second thing writer brain fed me today is another piece of what this book is about. Most writers refer to this as “theme”.

Theme is a whole other thing than plot, at least for me. Most of the time what a book is really about–the theme–reveals itself slowly. At times the theme comes up and smacks me in the face, leaving me stunned that I didn’t see all the interlocking relationships before. Kinda like it did today.

Yes, ladies and gents, it was one of those “Well, duh…” moments, so obvious in retrospect.

Due to the way my life is structured right now, with the physically draining day job and the accompanying fatigue, I find myself writing in fits and starts. There are days where I get 200-300 words before I start nodding off at the keyboard, and other days where I look up and I’ve done 1000.

That I practically eat, sleep and dream this book 24/7 often doesn’t seem like enough. Doubts about what I’m writing, and whether or not the story is going to hold together, creep in. My process is changing, whether I want it to or not.

So it’s nice to know that writer brain has my back, ticking away and just waiting for me to be awake.

Seven more days for the Worldbuilder auctions!

Goodnight stars…..

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