Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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I could show you in a word if I wanted to

Bits and pieces of me, blown on the internet winds….

1. September will be known now and forever as Critical Internet Failure Month. I couldn’t get to email, couldn’t post, couldn’t do most of what I wanted or needed to do a great deal of the time. Ladies and gents, it was officially no fun at all.
One of the things CIFM brought was that I missed posting a first line contest at the end of the month. That didn’t make me happy. But I will make up for that tomorrow. An early contest, with extra winners.

I can do that. It’s my contest after all.

2. Work has been interesting, in that Chinese curse sort of way. Also interesting in the way only living in Texas can bring.

People probably think I’m kidding when I say I see cowboys, real ones, all the time.  Rhinestone cowboys come into the store too, but it’s not hard to tell the difference. It’s the way they move, how their jeans are worn and their boots scuffed from work, the lines around their eyes from squinting into the sun, the way they tip their hat and call you ma’am.

All of which sounds like a stereotype, but all archetypes have a basis in reality. That reality still exists in South Central Texas. I get the impression the real cowboy subculture is dwindling, dying slowly, but for now I get to witness it.

3. I’m creeping up on the first 10k of book 3 in the Delia series. The beginning of a novel is always the hardest for me. Once I get past that beginning–given enough sleep and time–the rest of the book comes easier.

Even if I have the whole story set in my head, the whole plot and all the stakes (which I do) there are still things I need to figure out at the start of a novel. One of the major things I need to work out is what I’m trying to say, what the book is about. While what I’m trying to say is part of the story and the plot, it’s not exactly the same thing.

I can look back and say book one was about this, and book two was about this other thing, and I can point right to what that stuff is on a personal level for the characters.

And that’s the stage I’m at right now with book three, figuring out where and how the big mega stuff  this novel is about intersects with the personal level. How does this change their lives? How do they grow, rise to the challenge, how do they fail? What is the cost, the reward?

How badly am I going to hurt them this time? Where can I slip in the laughter and the joy?

Writing is hard.

I will do more of the hard stuff tomorrow. For now I need sleep.


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