Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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February contest winners!

Yes, I’m a little late with this. The dayjob rearranged my life a bit and there was no way I could do this last night.

But here are this month’s winners. No poetry entries this month, so I went with two prose winners. This was another tough decision and I almost–almost–gave prizes to all the entries.

He glanced up at the night sky as he reached for the door. Seeing the stars meant braving darkness: such romantic foolishness. Darkness was older than the stars, older than the universe –- and harmless, innocent. Evil was born in well-lit rooms, like the one he was about to enter.

Passing through the Maelstrom felt like walking through a tornado. Not that she had walked through a tornado, but she could imagine. She couldn’t breathe in those moments, breath caught in her lungs, in her throat. Skin cold from the worry: this time she would not come through, this time she would be lost. When she finally emerged, every time she’d look for the stars, seeing them, knowing seeing the stars meant braving the darkness. It was worth it knowing she was still alive.

Winners should email me (email is on contact page of the WordPress blog) or send me a private message via LJ. Let me know if you want a map or a vintage image pendant/keyring for your prize.

More next month. Hopefully with better timing.

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