Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: April 2014

She spoke his name outloud again…

Not to bury the lead… The trade paper of Delia’s Shadow will be out May 20th. Two weeks after that, June 3rd to be exact, A Barricade In Hell will be released. Two books in two weeks, ladies and gents. I have no words for how crazed that is. I should probably start shamelessly self […]

Don’t worry too much about the happily-ever-after

I need to consult with my webmage about the cross poster here. Garbage code showing up with every apostrophe or em dash makes a blogger crazy. Not helpful. Anyway. Twisted fairy tales and the writing there of. I got AWAKEN up to just under 6,000 words over the weekend. This is a really real book […]

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you, you’ve got to promise not to stop when I say when

Who knew writing twisted fairytales was so much fun? So much worldbuilding, so many tiny details to think about, decisions, and so so much shit to make up. There are so many owls in this story, peering from the rafters, filling the trees outside Miranda’s window, wide-eyed and knowing. I’m not entirely certain what they […]