Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Yearly Archives: 2014


I could say a lot about Ferguson, Michael Brown and his family, and the Grand Jury’s decision, but I won’t. These Last Words say it all. Ways you can help the people of Ferguson: You can donate to the Ferguson Library. They stayed open for the children of Ferguson when the schools closed. A fund […]

Another not-a-book-review

4 1/2 stars This might have been 5 stars but for a couple of spots (short spots) that dragged for me and had me skimming. The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch has been sitting on my bookcase since it came out in 2006. Many, if not most, writers go through a period when […]

Layering: Part two of Building A Better Princess

The beginning of this blog post is partly (or mostly) me talking to myself. Not only is writing this story fun, but it’s making me think about how and why I do certain things when I write. Learning is never a bad thing, and improving is a worthy goal no matter where you are on […]


The Build A Better Princess Project

Once upon a time, otherwise known as just a few weeks ago, while talking on Twitter with a couple of friends, the subject of the Mary Sue Princess came up. For those who don’t know, a traditional Mary Sue Princess is perfect, desired by every man who looks at her, and encompasses every fantasy cliche […]

It’s always showtime, here at the edge of the stage

For the last week or so I’ve been stuck on listening to Talking Heads during my commute, mostly the Stop Making Sense album. I barrel down the freeway, singing along, while my brain works out plot and shiny bits for the new book. The plot, and the shiny bits, and the sadness in this book […]

We’ll live happily ever trapped if you just save my life…

I’ve gotten out of the habit of talking about my life. Not the big events, or the major milestones, but the little things–good and bad–that add up to life. There are reasons for all of that, needing sleep and not being able to stay up to blog being one of them. The Greek chorus in […]

Where you can find A Barricade In Hell and get signed copies

Tomorrow is the official release day for A BARRICADE IN HELL. The book, being a precocious child, found its way on to the shelves at my local Barnes and Noble last week, but there are lots of places you can find Gabe and Delia. And! If you want a signed copy, I have two options […]

So I wrote these guest posts

And I was going to blog about them earlier, but I had another guest post to write, and a book to finish revising. So I’m late getting these up, but late is better than not at all. Right? Right. The first post about The Great War is up at Far Beyond Reality. Stefan Raets was […]

I should probably note

That the trade paperback edition of Delia’s Shadow came out today! Yes, ladies and gents, my book is available in both hardback and paperback at a bookstore or internet outlet near you. Same beautiful cover on both editions. But wait! There’s even more news. The Kindle edition has a new, lower price! It’s only $9.79. […]

She spoke his name outloud again…

Not to bury the lead… The trade paper of Delia’s Shadow will be out May 20th. Two weeks after that, June 3rd to be exact, A Barricade In Hell will be released. Two books in two weeks, ladies and gents. I have no words for how crazed that is. I should probably start shamelessly self […]