Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: December 2013

The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

I’ve listened to the same Snow Patrol song for days. I tend to obsess on songs when I’m deep into figuring a story out and this one is no exception. Music sets the mood and the emotion for me when I’m writing or thinking about a book. And stars above, there is so much emotion […]

From NPR: Love In The Time Of Hollering: The Age Of Enthusiasm

I’ve read this twice now. (Thank you, Francesca!) It was too good, too complex and true not to share, especially with other writers/artists/internet dwellers. Discussion encouraged. But there is a better way forward. Fall in love with things. Try things; dislike some of them. Love people who love things you can’t imagine loving. Be thirsty […]

Ask me anything

This is an Ask Me Anything post. You can ask me about Delia’s Shadow, the books coming after, my writing process, how I got there–anything. Assuming, of course, that anyone wants to ask me questions. If not, that’s okay to. While you’re thinking about it, have a poem: Belly Song by Etheridge Knight. I love […]

The conversation doesn’t stay on wait for me, I’m almost ready, when he meant let go…

Rarely have I had two novels both so fully present in my head at the same time. It plays hell with my concentration. I am, however, determined to get both of them written. Just maybe not at the same time… I’m about ninety pages into rewriting Philadelphia. I’ve fallen totally, hopelessly in love with this […]

It’s just you and I my friend…

Bits and pieces of me, flung into the dark of night… 1. A week or so ago, I turned in the third Gabe and Delia book, Against A Brightening Sky. This is what they call one of those bittersweet moments. I’ve lived with these characters since 2009. Saying goodbye and getting them to vacate my […]

May you live in interesting times…

And interesting places. I am blogging, and I did just get home from work. Never mind that it’s 11 p.m. I’m having one of those days were living in Texas feels like moving to another planet. If I wasn’t paying attention, or didn’t make a habit of observing everything around me, these little cultural disconnects […]

I should blog more often….

Really, I should. I think of things to talk about, discuss, and ponder all the time. But first the deadline came for me, and I didn’t blog. Then there were copyedits for Barricade…and no blogging. Then the edit letter for Sky arrived and I revised the book and didn’t blog. You all see where this […]