Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: August 2013

I have a WorldCon Schedule!

And so I shall share it. I like to share. I’m arriving on Thursday afternoon, but at this moment, Thursday is all Barcon. That could change and if it does, I’ll let people know. Friday: Writers Workshop G Friday 4-6 p.m. Julia Rios, writer and editor, is my partner for leading this section of the […]

Saturday songs build a soundtrack

Writing and music have a strange connection for me. For years I couldn’t write in silence. It was if the music flipped a switch in my brain that started words flowing. I didn’t fight it. I mean, why fight what works? Now I can often tell the tone of a book by the music it […]

Oh…one more thing!

I wrote a guest blog for The Qwillery that went up this morning. You can find my post on The Importance of Heroic Heroines here.

Apparently, they like my book…

I was so tempted to do the Sally Fields line as the title (They like me! They really really like me!) but I restrained myself. ::cough:: My wonderful publicist passed along two new reviews for DELIA’S SHADOW. This is still the little novel that could. Romantic Times book reviews gave it 4 stars (!!) and […]

Saturday songs miss wild nights when the whole world seemed to fly


Missing Sparks of Originality is the name of my next band

I know, I know, bad blogger. The dayjob has me chained to the store and when they let me out, I’m head deep in finishing book 3. Before I start the latest “7 days straight without a day off” stint, a few updates. The Kirkus review of Delia’s Shadow was passed along by my publicist. […]

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