Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Saturday songs migrate to Sunday

I didn’t remember until I stopped writing at 1:30 in the morning. This is the song on repeat this week. Writer’s brains are strange.

A quick morning update on the Delia’s Shadow ARC Contest!

I’m going to issue some a bonus prize or two when I get home tonight. That’s a good thing. It means the entries I’ve gotten so far really have impressed me. There is still lots of time to enter. The first contest winner won’t be announced until July 10th!

Saturday songs before work

The end of the book edition. This has been on repeat in my car all week. AND–the whole resolution, motivation, all the nuts and bolts of who, when and why, of what’s been going on dropped into my head. Oh yeah. Gotta love that.

Long ago in the land of Ohio,

There was a writer who blogged every single day. Snippets from the WIP, things she read about, poetry and dreams for the future…she wrote about all of that. There was very little she didn’t talk about. She blogged for her friends, and herself, and didn’t worry a whole lot about what the world thought. She […]

With our rain washed histories, well they do not need to be told

So this writing thing is hard. Believe it or not, that comes as a shock to some people. The myth still persists that words fall off of your fingers, perfect and golden, ready to dazzle any who read them. Yeah. If only. And there are many days that you despair of ever getting it right, […]


Kinda late Saturday songs

Yeah, it’s late. I was writing. You all want me to write. Too wide to fit at the top, but I love this song.

Delia’s Shadow ARC contest!

People of the Internets! The time has come for me to give away a few signed ARCs of DELIA’S SHADOW. Aren’t they beautiful? Want to win one of these? Here’s what you do. Tell me a ghost story. Tell me an old story passed around at summer camp, one you heard from a friend of […]