Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Poetry on the 13th of April

A little over ten years ago now, a friend introduced me to this poem. Prufrock became one of my favorite poems and I go back and read it frequently. Some of the lines, the imagery, in this poem still amaze me. Believe it or not, I’d never read Eliot before my friend showed this to […]

Something always brings me back to you…

The quick writing update, i.e., writing does happen around here. Which, you know, is why blogging is light. All novels are evil brats (or mine are) demanding they be written a certain way. This one is more evil than most. It wants me to jump six, eight scenes ahead, write that, them jump again. All […]

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Still with the poetry

Due to life and work, and trying to make my writing deadline, I skipped a few days of poetry posts. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up every single day, but one does what one can. I went searching for some contemporary poets, at least in the sense of poets writing now. […]

Day five of Poetry Month

One long poem tonight from Conrad Aiken, written circa 1917-1918. There are so many reasons I love Aiken’s poetry. His images, the unexpected turn of phrase–but most of all for the emotion. When I read his poetry, I feel that I’m seeing what he saw, felt what he felt. Aiken was an observer of the […]

A magpie poetry post for day 4

Random poems I found or whatever caught my eye. A Love Song by William Carlos Williams What have I to say to you When we shall meet? Yet— I lie here thinking of you. The stain of love Is upon the world. Yellow, yellow, yellow, It eats into the leaves, Smears with saffron The horned […]

An interview starring me

A short interview, starring me talking about Delia’s Shadow, has been posted by Romanian Book Blogger Simona on the Shattering Words Site. You can find the interview here.

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Poetry month, day 3

I realized today why I love doing these poetry posts, aside from loving poetry. They remind me that I’m a poet. I think I forget that at times. Some E.E. Cummings today. He wrote some beautiful poetry, but that isn’t often what gets cited. It is, however, what I like best. I have to post […]

Day 2 of Poetry Month

Different poet, different voice. Festus Claudius McKay was born September 15, 1889, in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. When Harlem Shadows was published in 1922, it was recognized for introducing a new attitude in African-American writing: an angry and defiant attitude towards racial prejudice in America. But, for all its importance, this attitude characterizes only a few […]

ARCs have landed!

Ohmigod, guys, look at these! I have real printed copies of Delia to hold in my hands. I have waited sooooo long for this. I have ideas for giveaways and contests to win a signed ARC. Watch this space. And before someone ::coughMarcycough:: says pictures or it didn’t happen–pictures! Click on any of the pictures […]

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Poetry month, day 1

So back in the day I had much more time than I do now. I used that time to full advantage for poetry month each April. I would post an out of copyright poem(s) or link to poems online each and everyday. I discovered some incredible poems and poets that way. So did my readers. […]