Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: February 2013

February contest winners!

Yes, I’m a little late with this. The dayjob rearranged my life a bit and there was no way I could do this last night. But here are this month’s winners. No poetry entries this month, so I went with two prose winners. This was another tough decision and I almost–almost–gave prizes to all the […]


Don’t forget this month’s first line contest

Amid the excitement of Nebula and Norton nominees, don’t forget this month’s first line contest! Contest ends at midnight tomorrow and winners will be announced on Friday evening. Enter! And bring your friends!

Look what I found….

My cover. On Amazon in front of the whole entire world. I’m guessing that means I can share, since it is public, so I am. I am the luckiest of lucky writers. I love this cover with all the love. More later when I don’t have to sleep.

Son of first line contest starts now!

After an extended holiday break, the first line contest is back. And I have news to report that makes me very happy. The ever awesome Barbara Barnett took one of the posted first lines, wrote an entire story inspired by that line, and then sold it to Daily Science Fiction. Made my day when she […]

Looking into their eyes I see them running too…

They don’t issue handbooks to newly published writers. If you’re lucky you have friends to answer questions, an agent who has your back, and a patient editor. I am lucky. I have all those things. I still have to hit the deadlines alone, do all the work, and handle the emotional side of it all. […]

All the news that’s fit to type….

Where does the time go? Over the river and through the woods I guess. This is the news update, since I am officially a Bad Blogger(tm) these days. That isn’t a function of not having things to say or wanting to blog, it is a result of not having time. Biggest news of the last […]

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