Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Yearly Archives: 2013

The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

I’ve listened to the same Snow Patrol song for days. I tend to obsess on songs when I’m deep into figuring a story out and this one is no exception. Music sets the mood and the emotion for me when I’m writing or thinking about a book. And stars above, there is so much emotion […]

From NPR: Love In The Time Of Hollering: The Age Of Enthusiasm

I’ve read this twice now. (Thank you, Francesca!) It was too good, too complex and true not to share, especially with other writers/artists/internet dwellers. Discussion encouraged. But there is a better way forward. Fall in love with things. Try things; dislike some of them. Love people who love things you can’t imagine loving. Be thirsty […]

Ask me anything

This is an Ask Me Anything post. You can ask me about Delia’s Shadow, the books coming after, my writing process, how I got there–anything. Assuming, of course, that anyone wants to ask me questions. If not, that’s okay to. While you’re thinking about it, have a poem: Belly Song by Etheridge Knight. I love […]

The conversation doesn’t stay on wait for me, I’m almost ready, when he meant let go…

Rarely have I had two novels both so fully present in my head at the same time. It plays hell with my concentration. I am, however, determined to get both of them written. Just maybe not at the same time… I’m about ninety pages into rewriting Philadelphia. I’ve fallen totally, hopelessly in love with this […]

It’s just you and I my friend…

Bits and pieces of me, flung into the dark of night… 1. A week or so ago, I turned in the third Gabe and Delia book, Against A Brightening Sky. This is what they call one of those bittersweet moments. I’ve lived with these characters since 2009. Saying goodbye and getting them to vacate my […]

May you live in interesting times…

And interesting places. I am blogging, and I did just get home from work. Never mind that it’s 11 p.m. I’m having one of those days were living in Texas feels like moving to another planet. If I wasn’t paying attention, or didn’t make a habit of observing everything around me, these little cultural disconnects […]

I should blog more often….

Really, I should. I think of things to talk about, discuss, and ponder all the time. But first the deadline came for me, and I didn’t blog. Then there were copyedits for Barricade…and no blogging. Then the edit letter for Sky arrived and I revised the book and didn’t blog. You all see where this […]

I thought I’d seen it all…

Yeah, we all know how that goes. But seriously, every time I think nothing else in this town can surprise me, something does. I might, maybe, become deeply sarcastic before this blog post is finished. You’ve been warned. So Texas has a lot of colleges and universities. And since this is part of the football […]

There is too much, let me sum up…

Yesterday was an awesome day. How could it not be, what with having my first book come out? Thank you to everyone who sent congrats, cheered and helped make the day special. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the support and the love. Seriously. Now to the shameless self promotion. A new […]

Though I may be going down, I’ll take in flames over burning out

In a little over an hour, it will officially be release day for Delia’s Shadow. You know how you can wait for something for so very, very long that when the day finally comes, you have a hard time believing it’s real? That. Times a thousand. People at work (and elsewhere) have been asking me […]