Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Worldbuilder auctions

Worldbuilders is a charity founded by the amazing Patrick Rothfuss to aid Heifer International. Heifer International doesn’t just hand out one time gifts to people struggling to survive, they give them the means to feed themselves and their children long term. It is a kickass organization. Patrick founded Worldbuilders so that writers, editors, and artists, […]

Notes upon a paper sea

I am the queen of tired, but I have news of a sort. This morning I woke up to email saying that Delia’s Shadow was now available for pre-order on Amazon. Do you guys have any idea how long I’ve waited for this? Only my whole entire life. A book I wrote is on sale […]

New free fiction

I’ve added a new short story to the free fiction page. After sitting six months at an undisclosed location, it came home today with yet another, Dear Jaime, this is great! No. It’s another story I love, so I’ll give it away. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can do that. You can […]

November First Line Contest starts now!

I decided to wait until everyone had (hopefully) recovered from their turkey and pie comas to start this month’s contest. It seemed only fair. And to make it all clear, if you won three or more months ago, you are eligible to win again. So anyone who won before August 2012 can win again this […]

Tell me that you want to dance….

Long time no post. Life is just packed. I can’t seem to get the large empty space between the top and the photo to vanish on WordPress, so I’m just going with it. That space doesn’t exist on the edit page…but I’m convinced WordPress hates me. A lot. The moth in the picture is called […]

Like questions begging answers, the stars appear at night

In the midst of everything else–life, work, chaos–there is writing. Thank the stars for that. Writing is a way to shut out everything else. This book and these characters continue to surprise me. You’d think after two full books and deep into the third that wouldn’t be the case, but it is. You know that […]