Jaime Lee Moyer: Midnight Secrets and Lies
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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Personal request for a signal boost or desperately searching for Danielle

I thought long and hard about posting this. I’ve never asked the internet and my network of friends for help before, but this time–my family needs all the help I can muster. For urgent family reasons, I’m asking for help in finding my niece Danielle Lee Moyer, birthdate November 21st. Danielle is the child of […]

October contest winners!

Another month of tough choices.  Here are the four winners from the double, October mega contest: From Musingaloud They say you can wander Jasper’s Wood a hundred years and never find its heart. Unless you know how to listen. Not with your ears, foolish one. Listen with your soul. Listen! Do you hear the wood, […]

October first line contest ends on Sunday

Don’t forget this month’s contest! Contest ends at midnight PDT on October 21st. I will pick the winners and post the winning entries on Monday evening. Dazzle me. Make my jaw drop and take my breath away.

New free fiction

There is new free fiction under the biblio tab, “Show You Never After”,  a story I love but can’t sell because of its length. 7500 words is just too long for most markets. It just might be the best short story I’ve written so far. If I can’t sell it, I’ll give it away. I […]

So I’m driving home from work tonight….

And I have the music cranked up, and I’m singing along, as you do, and my mind keeps coming back to one word in connection with book 3. One word. The emotional stakes for the main characters, the theme, upper level subplot, what ever you want to call it, all fell into my head with […]

When I tell you I’m falling, you tell me I’m strong….

My next day off is six long working days away, otherwise known as next Wednesday. I did my best to pack all the things–all of them–into today. As usual, I failed. I still haven’t found a way to turn a day off into a bag of holding. But I got some laundry done, errands run, […]

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October mega first line contest

Due to Critical Internet Failure Month, aka September, this month I’m holding a slightly different, mega first line contest. There will be slight changes to the rules for this month–October–only. This will be a double contest to make up for September. Contest will run for two (2!) weeks instead of one. I will choose two […]

I could show you in a word if I wanted to

Bits and pieces of me, blown on the internet winds…. 1. September will be known now and forever as Critical Internet Failure Month. I couldn’t get to email, couldn’t post, couldn’t do most of what I wanted or needed to do a great deal of the time. Ladies and gents, it was officially no fun […]

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Quote of the day

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.’ Rebeca West 1882-1983 All I’ve got in me for today is that quote. More tomorrow when I’m awake.

A few bugs in the system

The cross poster to LJ doesn’t work and the Twitter feed seems to have vanished, but we’ll get that worked out. Other than that, the site is live. More when I get home from work tonight.